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Some Web Sites whose names start with "web."

As of May, 1998, Keith Dawson in his TBTF Newsletter estimated that there are 500,000 WebDot site names. As of September 16, 1997, I guessed approximately 25,000 sites, extrapolated from an Infoseek search and an Altavista search. As of May 22, 1998, the Infoseek search indicates 98,000 webdot sites, and a different search (for the word "because") suggests that .038 of the URLs not covered in the first search can be reached through a webdot name. That's .038 out of how many? Infoseek isn't saying.

Dave Yost's Web Site (of course)


Web dot Org (it doesn't get any shorter than this, folks!)

Bare Bones Software, Inc.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see the story on this)

Bay Area Internet Solutions (my ISP - they now register a webdot alias for all customers' www domains)

Mike Jittlov's page

Zsoka Studio

Peter Langston's Home Page

Reed College

Metron Home Page

Katz Family Home Page

Welcome to Games4Girls (TM)

Indiana State University

Boston University Home Page



California State University, San Bernardino.

FAO Plant Genetic Resources Specialized Information system

W.W. Norton (see the story on this)


Access Route Canada Online Systems

Canlink Interactive Technologies


Piedmont College Home Page

Bienvenue sur FDN

ISBE Users WWW Server

AGNIS Homepage

City University, School of Informatics

Division of Engineering & Weapons, USNA

Puerto Rico EPSCoR's Web Server

Advanced Systems Network

The Web Limited

Storm Home Page

MasonLink (George Mason University)

Serveur secondaire CIE

kyoto-Inet Home Page

Federal Information Exchange Home Page





WEB: USC Computer Services' Web Server

The Kentucky Cancer Registry


California State University, Los Angeles

Canada Online

The WorldNET

Forage Information System

Unite REseaux du CNRS

Campbell County School District - Gillette, Wyoming

Consulan - Home Page

db Technology's Internet Users Home Page

Irish Higher Education Authority

Yonezawa Lab WWW Server

MSU Department of Computer Science


SU Personal Home Pages

Sirius Connections Internet Services

Canada On-Line

Aimnet Corporation - this page
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