The birth of Bluebottle

Michael Bentine and Peter Sellers recount the apparition of one Ruxton Hayward.

From "At Last, the GO ON Show", a superb BBC radio broadcast that is a gold mine for Goon Show fans. Part is from "Parkinson Interviews the Goons and Peter Sellers" and part from Goon Show "The £1,000,000 Penny" (1958-11-17 9/3).

Later, Michael Bentine tells the story again. [to be supplied]

From "Michael Bentine - The Original Goon", a delightful, hilarious, double-cassette live recording of his one-man show 'From The Ridiculous To The Paranormal' recorded during his Autumn 1992 tour. (Laughing Stock LAFFC18) - this page - My Goon Show site
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