Sanded, Satin-finish Piano Keys

Dave Yost

Forget ivory. Plastic is fine, if you finish it properly. Spend 8 hours, and make your keyboard into something really nice. The following is advice I got many years ago from an old New York City "Piano Key Man":

I've done this to each of the 3 grands I've owned. Recently, I did it again 10 years later to my most recent piano. Joseph Hoffman used to do this to his pianos.

The result is a wonderful satin finish that feels great, and is at least as good as ivory. No more treacherous, slippery black keys, no more white keys that get sticky or slippery with sweat or skin oil.

Occasionally clean the keys with isopropanol (the cheap "rubbing alcohol" you can buy in the drug store is just fine). keys.html - this page
1995-11-05 Created
1997-05-01 Modified
1999-10-10 Modified cosmetically