Carnival Birthday
a ditty

Dave Yost
and Marilyn Hayden (mom)
May, 1997

Got the latest QuickTime software?

I was playing with the calliope voice on a synthesizer, and out came this silly, drunken thing. My mom added the counterpoint and lyrics that come in after the intro.

Happy birthday, baby,
Have a happy day.
Celebrate your birthday
In some crazy way.

You can download the MIDI file from which the QuickTime movie was made.

MIDIGraphy is a pretty good shareware MIDI editor for Mac. I used it to touch up the MIDI file.

© David Arthur Yost,, All Rights Reserved.
Sheet music, MIDI file, QuickTime movie, and other media realizations of this piece are also copyrighted by this author. Permission required for performance or republication in any form — or democratization for that matter. - this page
1998-01-12 Created
2003-11-27 Modified